POCP Photochemical Ozone Creation Potential

Ozone (Photosmog) Photosmog in cities and their vicinity is caused by the formation of photooxidants in the lower troposphere. This is understood to mean that mixture of reactive gases that forms when solar radiation encounters anthropogenic emissions (especially nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons).

The POCP is represented in kg-C2H4-equ. (ethene equivalents). The characterization factors according to ÍNORM EN 15804, Annex C are used for the calculation. For LCA data of an older date (before the publication of ÍNORM EN 15804: 2014), the POCP potentials according to CML 2001 v3.9 were used.

Proof: LCA according to "Criteria for inclusion of product-specific LCA data in the baubook".

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