GWP-fossil Global warming potential - fossil

The GWP fossil indicator takes into account the GWP of greenhouse gas emissions and sequestration in all media resulting from the oxidation or reduction of fossil fuels or fossil carbon containing substances (e.g. combustion, landfilling, etc.). This indicator also includes the binding or emission of greenhouse gases in inorganic materials (e.g. calcination, carbonation of cement- or lime-based building materials).
The contributions of greenhouse gases are given over a time horizon of 100 years and in kg CO2-equivalents (kg CO2-equivalent). For the calculation, the characterisation factors according to ÍNORM EN 15804, Annex C are to be used.

Important note: GWP-fossil and GWP-biogenic are important information for the transparency of the GWP, it is therefore generally recommended to show GWP-fossil and GWP-biogenic separately. Only data for which this is the case can be used to calculate the Oekoindex (OI).

Proof: LCA according to "Inclusion criteria for product-specific LCA data in the baubook".

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