GWP-biogenic Global warming potential - biogenic

The indicator "GWP-biogenic" takes into account the amount of CO2 absorbed from the atmosphere during the growth of biomass and bound over the lifetime of the material, as well as biogenic emissions to air through oxidation or decay of biomass (e.g. combustion). Transfers of biogenic carbon from previous product systems into the product system under investigation or transitions into subsequent product systems (e.g. wood recycling) must also be taken into account.
The uptake of biogenic CO2 into biomass and transitions from previous product systems must be presented in the life cycle assessment as a negative value (-1 kg CO2-equ./kg CO2), emissions of biogenic CO2 from biomass and transitions from biomass into subsequent product systems must be characterised as a positive value (+1 kg CO2-equ./kg CO2).

Important note: GWP-fossil and GWP-biogenic are important information for the transparency of the GWP, it is therefore generally recommended to show GWP-fossil and GWP-biogenic separately. Only data for which this is the case can be used to calculate the Oekoindex (OI).

Proof: LCA according to "Inclusion criteria for product-specific LCA data in the baubook".

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