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Saint-Gobain Austria GmbH (Isover)
A-8990 Bad Aussee
Product groups: Insulation materials for distribution systems, Insulation materials for hot-water tanks
Product photos:
Criteria for certification, tendering and subsidies
List of Criteria 2020

The criteria is relevant and the product supports the fulfillment of the criterion.
Technical characteristics
thickness: 2 cm
3 cm
4 cm
5 cm
6 cm
8 cm
10 cm
Dimensions (description): Länge der Produkte sind dickenabhängig, siehe Datenblatt
Physical parameters
Processing properties
Installation (description): not specified
Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
Background database Ecoinvent A1
Show all life phases
A1-A3 Product stage
EI disposal indicator
Wert Unit
Core environmental impact indicators
GWP-fossil Global warming potential - fossil 2,57 kg CO2 Äq./kg
GWP-biogenic Global warming potential - biogenic 0,00 kg CO2 Äq./kg
GWP-total Global warming potential - total 2,57 kg CO2 Äq./kg
ODP Depletion potential of the stratospheric ozone layer 2,63·10-7 kg CFC-11 eq./kg
AP Acidification potential 0,0453 kg SO2 Äq./kg
EP Eutrophication potential 0,0131 kg PO43- eq./kg
POCP Photochemical Ozone Creation Potential 0,00185 kg C2H4 eq./kg
ADPE Abiotic depletion potential for non fossil resources 0,000129 kg Sb eq./kg
ADPF Abiotic depletion potential for fossil resources 41,6 MJ/kg
Indicators describing resource use
PERE Primary energy renewable - energy resources 2,57 MJ/kg
PERM Primary energy renewable - material 1,33 MJ/kg
PERT Primary energy renewable - total 3,90 MJ/kg
PENRE Primary energy non-renewable - energy resources 42,1 MJ/kg
PENRM Primary energy non-renewable - material 5,25 MJ/kg
PENRT Primary energy non-renewable - total 47,4 MJ/kg
SM Use of secondary material 0,493 kg/kg
RSF Use of renewable secondary fuels 0,00 MJ/kg
NRSF Use of non renewable secondary fuels 0,00 MJ/kg
FW Use of net fresh water 0,0394 m³/kg
Environmental information describing output flows
CRU Components for re-use 0,00 kg/kg
MFR Materials for recycling 0,00 kg/kg
MER Materials for energy recovery 0,00 kg/kg
EEE Exported electrical energy 0,00 MJ/kg
EET Exported thermal energy 0,00 MJ/kg

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) - ecoinvent A1:
valid until May 16, 2024
Ecological characteristics
Insulation materials free from climate-damaging substances:
The insulation material used does not contain any (H)PFCs or (H)CFCs with a GWP > 1
Service area
CE marking
CE marking: yes
CE Declaration of Performance:
issued on July 22, 2019
The Blue Angel
PDF (326 KB)
issued on May 5, 2021
Technical data sheet:
issued on Oct 21, 2022
A. Pümpel GmbH & Co. KG.
A-6800 Feldkirch
August Rädler GmbH
A-6922 Wolfurt
Tischler Rohstoff e.Gen.
A-6845 Hohenems
Tschabrun Hermann GmbH
A-6830 Rankweil
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Listed since: Jan 24, 2018
Amended: Apr 6, 2023
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