EDERPLAN V 42,5 W (Ziegelanteil)
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Ziegelwerk EDER GmbH
A-4722 Peuerbach

Product groups: Vertically perforated brick masonry
Country of origin of raw materials (text): not specified

Technical characteristics
Physical parameters
ρ density: not specifiedkg/m
c specific heat capacity: not specifiedJ/(kgK)
Flammability class: not specified

Ecological characteristics - sustainability
Sustainable production
Production phase (A1 - A3 according to EN 15804): complied Energy efficient production process
complied Environmental protection and clean production
complied Climate Protection via reduced CO2 emissions
Emissions - health and environmentally hazardous substances
Production of raw materials
Social sustainability

Service area

valid until July 31, 2028
Certificate no.: 1102-1107-104-2
Status: zertifiziert
Issuance Guidelines: 1102

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Created: Dec 15, 2021
baubook product index: 9409 bf

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