2. 4. 2. Limits for organohalogen compounds in polymeric building materials

description relevant product categories 

Building products
Adhesives & fillers
adhesive and filling mortar (powdery bagged goods)
Adhesives for insulation boards
Adhesives for wall panels
Glues for wood
Mounting foams
Other adhesives
powder binder
Wallpaper paste
Building slabs
Mineral material panels
Fillings & mineral aggregates
Bound EPS fillings
EPS granulate
Fire-protection products
Fire-protection foams
Fire-protection sleeves
Floor and wall coverings
Glass mat wall coverings
Paper wall coverings
Textile wall coverings
In-situ concretes
Concrete additives
Insulation materials
Synthetic insulation materials
Bound EPS fillings
Cement-bonded EPS boards
EPS automatic boards
EPS granulate
EPS insulation boards
Phenolic resin foam boards
Polyisocyanurate (PIR) and polyurethane (PUR) insulation boards
Polyester-fibre insulation materials
Polyethylene (PE) insulation materials
XPS insulation boards
Mounting accessories
Polyethylene (PE) Edge Strip
Pre-wall mounting system
Roof claddings
Plastic roofing tiles
Screed additives
Sealing materials & adhesive substances
Bitumen hot grout
Liquid foil
Liquid foils, waterproofing and underground treatments in interiors
Acrylic sealants
MS hybrid-based sealants
polyurethane (PU) sealant
Silicon sealants
Sealing tapes & heat bridge contact breaker
Sealing sheeting, vapour barriers, films & fleece
Film protection materials
Rubber granulate underlays
Synthetic fleeces
Roof and facade membranes
Roof & facade membranes made of paper
Roof & facade membranes made of plastic
Sealing sheets (flat roof)
Bitumen sealing membranes, boards
Plastic and rubber sealing membranes
Sealing tapes & heat bridge contact breaker
Trickle protection membranes
Paper trickle protection membranes
Plastic trickle protection membranes
Vapour barriers & brakes
Aluminium vapour barriers
Bituminous vapour barriers
Paper vapour barriers
Plastic vapour barriers & brakes
Building services
Circuit breakers & sockets
Distribution systems
Air distribution systems
Central vacuum cleaner pipes
Electrical installation pipes
Heating lines
Insulation materials for distribution systems
Ventilation pipes
Wall openings
Water pipes
Insulation materials (building services)
Insulation materials for distribution systems
Insulation materials for hot-water tanks
Insulation materials for pumps

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