2. 2. 3. Ban of substances with greenhouse effects (especially in XPS, PUR/PIR)

description relevant product categories 

Building products
Adhesives & fillers
Mounting and Filling Foams
Doors (unglazed)
Door blanks
Exterior & apartment doors
Metal doors
Plastic aluminum doors
Plastic doors
Wooden aluminum doors
Wooden doors
Interio doors
Interior veneered / coated doors
Interior solid doors
Fire-protection products
Fire-protection foams
Insulation materials
Synthetic insulation materials
Phenolic resin foam boards
Polyisocyanurate (PIR) and polyurethane (PUR) insulation boards
XPS insulation boards
Shading systems
Roller shutters / Shutter boxes
Windows, Doors, Facade elements (glazed)
Metal frame
Plastic frame
Plastic-aluminium frame
Wood-aluminium frame
Wooden frame
Holz-Alu Rahmen (Tür)
Holzrahmen (Tür)
Kunststoff-Alu Rahmen (Tür)
Kunststoffrahmen (Tür)
Metallrahmen (Tür)
Zusammengesetzte Elemente
Window (composite)
Metal window
Plastic window
Plastic-aluminium window
Wood-aluminium window
Wooden windows
Building services
Distribution systems
Insulation materials for distribution systems
Insulation materials (building services)
Insulation materials for distribution systems
Insulation materials for hot-water tanks
Insulation materials for pumps

baubook green procurement
Harmonised “EcoBuildingCriteria” provided by “ÖkoKauf Wien” and “service package sustainable construction in Vorarlberg”
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