2. 9. 1. Additional criterion: Avoidance of reactive coatings

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The reactive substances of reactive varnishes, particularly 2-component coating systems, usually have constituents that pose considerable risks to users, especially as far as the hardener component is concerned. In the case of PU systems, the hardener contains isocyanates, which have toxic effects on the respiratory tract, and in the case of epoxy systems, several groups of substances in both the epoxy and the hardener components (primarily glycol ethers and amines) have strong sensitising effects when inhaled or upon skin contact. In certain predisposed persons, even one-time contact might lead to long-term incapacity for work!


Two-component coating systems based on polyurethane or epoxy should only be used in exceptional cases, if no adequate technical alternative products or constructions that are safer to health are available.

minimum requirement

Two-component coating systems based on epoxy or polyurethane are not admissible.


Proof: technical data sheet and manufacturer's declaration.

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