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A-5310 Mondsee

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KEIMFARBEN GmbH, D-86420 Diedorf

Product groups: Silicate paints (internal)
Description of the area of application: KEIM Biosil is suitable for all normal interior wall and ceiling surfaces, e.g. in offices, living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms and cellars. KEIM Biosil is particularly suitable for sensitive Areas such as hospitals, nurseries or schools and also for food storage areas. Highly absorbent or dusting substrates are pretreated with KEIM Soliprim. When applying white finishes onto plasterboard surfaces and substrates spot-filled with gypsum plaster, a first coat of KEIM Grundierweiß can be advantageously. KEIM Grundierweiß should not be used on pure gypsum plaster renders (P IV a, b and P V a). In this case coatings with KEIM Ecosil-ME or KEIM Optil are recommended. KEIM Biosil is not suitable for surfaces with salt efflorescence, on wood or enamels.
Product description: KEIM Biosil is a ready-to-use silicate based interior paint manufactured in accordance with DIN EN 13 300 (also complies with DIN 18 63 sect. 2.4.1 Silicate emulsion paint).
Product photos:
Input materials according to natureplus declaration rules: potassium silicate
titanium dioxide
aluminium silicate
calcium carbonate
acrylic acid-styrene-polymer
wetting agent
defoaming agents
Country of origin of raw materials (text): not specified
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Technical characteristics
Physical parameters
ρ density: not specifiedkg/m³
c specific heat capacity: not specifiedJ/(kg·K)

Ecological characteristics - sustainability
Sustainable production
Production phase (A1 - A3 according to EN 15804): complied Energy efficient production process
complied Environmental protection and clean production
complied Climate Protection via reduced CO2 emissions

The compliance with the natureplus guideline values certifies an energy efficient, environmental and climate friendly production process above average.
Emissions - health and environmentally hazardous substances
Production of raw materials
Social sustainability

Service area
certificate (140 KB)
valid until January 2023
Certificate no.: 0602-0411-035-2
Status: certified

Further ecolabels
Austrian Ecolabel
PDF (507 KB)
valid until June 2018
Technical data sheet:
issued on Jan 1, 2020
Safety data sheet:
issued on May 17, 2019

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Amended: Feb 18, 2020
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GISBAU Product code for Concrete after-treatment:
BSW10 Coating materials, water-based, low-conservative

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